WTF Cyclocross!

We are dabblers! If it’s on two wheels, we’re probably willing to try it. Cyclocross is known to be one of the more approachable types of bike racing, but trying something new, on your own can still be intimidating. Getting people together to learn, practice, and support one another is MUCH more fun. Out of these tenants our women/trans/femme inclusive cyclocross team was born.

 We started with an interest meeting at Downshift and have hosted weekly practices since. The group has truly evolved into something more than a cyclocross team. We support each other in all of our bike riding adventures whether it is our first road ride, or a three-day long charity ride.

“We are an amateur women’s cycling team promoting the inclusion of women/trans/femme athletes in biking, through a radically encouraging and supportive environment.”

The team is continually recruiting members to join our mission and welcome anyone who is interested in cyclocross or simply a group of people to join on rides. We plan to race this fall at the local and regional levels. For more information, feel free to email Kelsey Harrington at

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