Rockstar Pavé Adventure

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Rocktown to Star City

This 165 mile gravel adventure ride starts in Harrisonburg Virginia and winds it's way south through the Shenandoah Valley towards Roanoke.  Ride through some of the best scenery that Virginia has to offer.  This region was just designated as one of the top 10 places to ride in in the US by the editors of Bicycling Magazine

What is Pavé?

Mixed surface trail - both paved road and gravel.  This route is approximately 80% paved. A gravel bike with 33 - 40c tires or a confident rider using a road bike with 28 - 32c file-tread tires will be well suited for this route.  You will be covering over 80 miles per day, so choose a bike that will allow you to ride as efficiently as possible. 

Live The Adventure

This ride captures the best parts of adventure cycling. Navigating country roads, climbing mountain passes, camping under the stars. Enjoy the best of the Virginia outdoors. 

Amazing Scenery

Farmland, waterfalls, mountain vistas, forest roads, this ride has it all. 

Incredible Experiences

The ride rolls past several iconic spots along the route. Grab a snack at Stokesville Market. Down a pint of freshly brewed beer at Jack Mason's Tavern. Enjoy a hamburger at the world famous Texas Tavern.  Celebrate your finish at Deschutes Taproom. 

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