Welcome To Downshift Cycling

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Who We Are

Downshift started as a bike shop and café in Downtown Roanoke in 2017 by everyday cyclists with a mission of bringing bicycles to life. We quickly grew to become a club of like-minded cyclists that simply enjoy riding for the sake of getting outside and spending time with friends.  As of 2022 Downshift has morphed into an online and in-person community that hosts weekly group rides, social events and community fundraisers.   

What We Stand For

We welcome all riders, regardless of their abilities. We celebrate diversity in riding, and look to change the sport one ride at a time! We encourage active participation in the cycling community through group rides, infrastructure advocacy, philanthropic events and supporting local business. No spandex required!

Why Join?

You can think of the Downshift Cycling Club as the Facebook for the slow rider.  We have our own platform on iPhone, iPad, and Android but without all the ads, hate speech, trolls, and political nonsense that Facebook provides. Our members are what make our community great.   

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