Bridgestone Trailblazer Mountain Bike

Used Bridgestone Trailblazer Mountain bike for sale! This bike is from the early 90’s and has been shredding trails ever since. Whether you’re new to trails or looking for a sweet rigid frame to up the ante, this is the bike for you! It would be at home on some gravel trails, Carvins Cove or even just a jaunt through town. The steel frame will hold up under any load and be comfortable while doing it. This is just a cool bike that you should come check out today!
Size: 17”
Frame: Steel
Wheels: 26x1.9
Speed: 3x7
*Disclaimer. All used bikes have been thoroughly inspected for functionality and safety. We encourage you to visit our store to test ride in order to ensure proper fit and that any blemishes or signs of use are to your expectations. No returns on used .

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