Yamaha-Civante E-Bike

The Civante is a Class 3 ebike, which means that the motor only assists while the rider is pedaling (no throttle), and it will assist the rider up to 28 miles per hour. Class 3 is popular with city riders and commuters. The motor at the heart of the Civante is Yamaha’s 500W PWSeries SE motor, mounted amidships in a hydroformed aluminum frame. Team Blue’s proprietary Triple Sensor System “measures pedal-torque, bicycle speed and crank arm cadence” so that the controller can deliver power assist as smoothly as possible. Yamaha claims the sensor system is frictionless. The cadence sensor supports up to 110 rpm, which is the upper limit of road riding, and getting into competitive time trials territory… or Spurgeon’s pace in spin class. The typical Civante rider shouldn’t have to worry about this much, especially with the assist.


For more information, https://www.yamahabicycles.com/bikes/civante/


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